It all Started with a visitation
from God

It all started with a dream that Pastor Emmanuel had back in July 2012. In the initial part of the dream Pastor was among a group of people who were bound hands and feet. As he started contemplating how that might have happened, suddenly a group of what looked like cult members walked in through the door of the warehouse-like structure, the place where they were bound.


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to bring restoration and transformation to all by teaching, preaching and demonstrating the gospel of Jesus Christ. The vision and mission will be fulfilled by focusing on teaching, preaching and demonstrating these cornerstones. Our Twelve Cornerstones are:

Prayer, Faith, Praises, Holiness, Prosperity, Purpose, The Holy Spirit, The Word of God, Love, Divine Health, Wisdom, Salvation


Our Beliefs

WE PROFESS our decided attachment to that system of the Christian religion, which is designated evangelical and includes the following professions:

WE BELIEVE that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God and the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice……