Cornerstone Christian Church of God
bringing restoration and transformation to all



It all started with a dream that Pastor Emmanuel had back in July 2012. In the initial part of the dream Pastor was among a group of people who were bound hands and feet. As he started contemplating how that might have happened, suddenly a group of what looked like cult members walked in through the door of the warehouse-like structure, the place where they were bound. The leader of the group instantly gave orders to his followers to kill the bound prisoners, starting with Pastor Emmanuel. Before the execution of the killing orders, Pastor Emmanuel started praying in his understanding but nothing happened. He even switched to praying in tongues, but to his dismay, still nothing happened. Then as if cued to transition, a praise song he had known a long time ago suddenly came to his mind. Without hesitation, he began to sing - Covenant keeping God, there is no one like you; Alpha and Omega, there is no one like you. And miraculously, his chains fell off and he proceeded to rebuke the cult members. Instantly the danger disappeared and he turned around to loosen all those who were bound in the warehouse. In the days and weeks that followed, while still serving as a youth Pastor in his previous church, Pastor Emmanuel contemplated on the significance of the dream. It was during this time that the Lord spoke to him to find a quiet place where He could talk to him. In response, Pastor Emmanuel undertook a fasting exercise to seek the Lord’s face. During this fast, the Lord told him of his call to ministry that involves a new church movement. This new church is tasked to partner with the Lord in bringing to realization the prophecy of Isaiah 35 & 62. It is to start in 2014, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This ministry is not affiliated with the Church of God denomination. 

The Lord’s word was confirmed through Pastor Emmanuel’s father, Apostle V.A. Adewusi during his visit to Edmonton in October 2012. The Apostle prophesied that the first service for the new church will commence on December 7th, 2014. By November of the same year, the Lord revealed the name of the church, “Cornerstone Christian Church of God” to Pastor Emmanuel. Meanwhile he remained faithfully committed to his functions and relationship in his previous church. Recognizing the authority over him at his previous church, he kept his then pastor abreast with the development of his calling.

As the signs of the calling became progressively clearer, Pastor Emmanuel recognized the need for further training in the word of God. So he enrolled in the Oral Roberts University Bible Institute on July 24th 2013. He has since graduated with a diploma. Subsequently, he was instructed like Abraham was, to transition from the ministry where he was serving as the youth pastor immediately after the December 31st, 2013 crossover service. His former pastor and leaders having been made aware of this, anointed and prayed over Pastor Emmanuel and his wife, Ibukun on December 22nd, 2013 before they released them to pursue the path of their new calling. The instruction from the Lord that followed was to engage in prayers for the first 3 months, to be accompanied with bible studies for 6 months, and then commence the Sunday services thereafter. On June 7th, 2014, the bible studies commenced, initially as a home bible studies and later moved to a rental facility on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton. To God’s glory, Cornerstone Christian Church of God’s first Sunday Service started on December 7th, 2014 at Yellowbird East Community League, Edmonton.