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What's Brewing Under?

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We had two different guests come over to the house to visit, and upon their departure, they realized their cars were stuck in the snow. After several attempts to drive out of the snow to no avail, they reached out to us for help. We finally pulled out their car using a towing rope connected to another car. Finally, they were out !!! You may be wondering what transpired that caused them to get stuck ? It had snowed, warmed up and snowed again, causing  black ice to form underneath. When their cars tried driving out, the slippery ice kept on spinning the tires; preventing any form of traction from developing and making it challenging for the cars to drive out. Something was brewing under the foundations!

In Mark 3:7-8, there was a great multitude of people that were  following Jesus but “afterwards, Jesus went up on a mountain and called out the ones he wanted to go with him. And they came to Him. Then he appointed twelve of them and called them his apostles. They were to accompany him, and he would send them out to preach, giving them authority to cast out demons.” (Mark 3:13-15 NKJV). Apostles are people that God has given authority over nations as their territory to take charge over. As you read on, you will notice that Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve that Jesus selected as His apostles. Judas Iscariot was operating in such great power as a territory taker but there was something brewing underneath.

Even though he was assigned as a territory taker and already operating in such capacity (we know this as the disciples reported of the demons being subject to them when they used Jesus’ name in Luke 10:17), Judas’ foundation was faulty! A fault in his foundation was his lust for money. He had been stealing from the money purse (John 12:6) and that slippery lust cut short and limited the the exploits he could have accomplished as a territory taker. He ended up dying a shameful death.

In Psalms 11:3 NKJV, it says:

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”.  

Just like their  cars couldn’t move because of the slippery ice underneath, let’s examine ourselves to see if there are any flaws that can prevent us from being a mighty territory taker. Songs of Solomon 2:15 makes mention of the little foxes that spoil the vine. Yes, it may seem trivial or insignificant but if not dealt with, it has the potential to gain power and become a stronghold.

David said in Psalms 139:23 NLT “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts”. As the week goes by, let’s ask for the Holy spirit to examine our hearts and purge us of  anything that could prevent us from manifesting fully as territory takers and I pray nothing will stop our rising as territory takers in Jesus name, amen!

In order to have a thorough examination of your heart completed  by the Holy Spirit, you need to have willingly surrendered your heart unto Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. If you will like to make that decision this moment, please say this prayer:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the Son of God and I believe You died for me on the cross of Calvary. I know I am a sinner and today, I come to You to forgive me of all my sins and to make me a brand new creation. I accept You as my personal Lord and Saviour. Thank you Lord for forgiving me and making me born again, in Jesus name, Amen”.

Congratulations!!!! You are now born-again! (It simply means a new born baby in Christ and there is celebration in heaven right now because of YOU!)

If you made this decision, I will love to hear from you! Please leave a comment on this post or reach out to me at

By: Pastor Ibukun Adewusi

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