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The Magic Eraser

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I had rented an apartment for a few years and prior to moving out, someone had advised me to try the “magic eraser”. The magic eraser is truly a wonder that can remove most stains from walls & surfaces, including those tough stains caused by me placing my head on the wall while sitting down. I was a student at the time and definitely wanted my damage deposit back, so i bought it.  I had imagined it would have had several complicated steps in order to get rid of the stains. But to my amazement, it was a simple white rectangular sponge-like item that only required a little bit of water. That was it, no additional steps required ! It felt too good to be true but on the first application to those tough oily stains that seemed impossible to get rid of, i noticed the stains had started disappearing. With so much excitement, I wiped away until the walls were immaculate and completely free of stains. You would not have even known that there were any previous stains on the wall. The day of my move-out inspection came and the superintendent was remarkably impressed by the state of the apartment and returned the entirety of  my damage deposit.

There is an even stronger eraser that can remove & extinguish all mistakes and sins. Just like the “magic eraser”, it does not require complicated steps before those sins can be entirely wiped clean. The only step that is required is to make the decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Jesus died on the cross, just for you and I ! Just like the water I applied to the magic eraser, Jesus would instead use his blood to eradicate you of ALL your sins. It’s no wonder there is a saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’. Jesus has taken all the steps required to eliminate and sever those sins from you, making it very easy for you to be totally stain-free! The moment you open your heart to Him, there is a 100% guarantee that those sins will be totally wiped clean without any trace of it again. We are assured of this  in 2 Corinthians 5:17, which states “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new”. Wow, He doesn’t just remove the stains of sin away, He actually creates a new you! It’s not a refurbished you but actually a brand new you! If you’re ready to have a brand new you and totally forget about your past sins, please say this prayer with me:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the Son of God and I believe You died for me on the cross of Calvary. I know I am a sinner and today, I come to You to forgive me of all my sins and to make me a brand new creation. I accept You as my personal Lord and Saviour. Thank you Lord for forgiving me and making me born again, in Jesus name, Amen”.

Guess what? Because of this decision you just made, there is a huge party going on in heaven, just for you! Lots of rejoicing … much greater than the celebration  that you hear when you’re going to Disney, Congratulations !!!

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By: Pastor Ibukun Adewusi

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